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Superyacht charter in Cuba

The island of Cuba is one of the Caribbean’s most fascinating destinations. Bereft of modern interference, this iconic destination offers little-changed colonial cities and cultural magic at every turn. Cruise Cuba’s stunning coast on a Caribbean superyacht charter and discover stunning seascapes and a land that time seemingly forgot. Rent a crewed motor or sailing boat with YPI to have the best cruising possible in Cuba. This is an example of an eight day yacht charter itinerary for Cuba. Yacht charter itineraries are created individually for every client based around personal preferences and how you want to spend your time onboard your superyacht in Cuba.

Superyacht Charter Cienfuegos


Pearl of the South

Fly into Cienfuegos by private or commercial aircraft before stepping onboard your superyacht charter in Cienfuegos. You will be met at the airport by the charter crew and transported to your yacht. Settle in before taking a stroll around the tranquil City of Cienfuegos, a true colonial gem. Enjoy dinner onboard prepared by the yacht chef, or visit a local ‘paladar’, a private restaurant usually located in the owner’s own home. This quintessentially Cuban experience typifies the country’s evolving private enterprise. Cruise east to the colonial village of Trinidad for overnight anchorage.

Superyacht Charter Trinidad


Frozen in Time

The Colonial City of Trinidad is a time capsule of cobblestone streets dotted with colourful paladars. A perfectly preserved Spanish colonial settlement, it was named a national monument in 1965. One of Cuba’s earliest settlements, as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, it is an unmissable highlight of the island and a must-see during your boat rental in Cuba. Visit the Museum of Colonial Architecture, housed in a beautifully restored 18th-century colonial mansion or the Casa de Aldeman Ortiz, home of the former mayor and featuring frescoes and local artworks on the walls. By night, enjoy live music on the deck of your luxury yacht charter.

Superyacht  Charter Cuba

Jardines De La Reina

Shark Tank

A diver’s dream, the Jardines De La Reina Marine Park is the third largest reef in the world, with sightings of sharks and crocodiles almost guaranteed. Very little current, warm, clear waters and 30 metres+ of visibility make this ideal for either shark dives or reef dives. At certain sites on your yacht charter Cienfuegos, you can swim with over 30 sharks, including Caribbean reef sharks and silky sharks circling above and below you in the water. The pristine reefs boast soft corals, sponges and sea fans.

Superyacht Charter Cayo Cinco Balas

Cayo Cinco Balas

Ocean Expert

Explore Cuba’s cayos (cays), lined with spotless white sandy beaches and low-lying coral reef islands. We will arrange for a dedicated ‘Marinero’, an expert marine biologist with a wealth of knowledge about Cuba’s ecosystems and diverse marine life, to join you onboard your luxury yacht charter in Cuba. Cayo Blanco, Cayo Machos de Fuera and Cayo Cinco Balas offer stunning scenery and make a breathtaking backdrop for an evening of al fresco dining.

Superyacht Charter Ingles

Playa Ingles

Beach Fun

Test out the luxury charter yacht’s water toys or dive gear at the almost-deserted beaches around Playa Ingles, located away from the tourist track and known only by locals. Jump on the tender to explore nearby inlets by paddleboard, or find a great snorkelling spot with the help of the boat rental crew.

Superyacht Charter Cayo Largo

Cayo Largo

Tropical Archipelago

Discover the Canarreos Archipielago, the other main island group along the central southern shore of Cuba, stretching 90km, with small to medium islands boasting hundreds of anchorages to choose from on your yacht charter in Cienfuegos. Try the famous Playa Sirena or Cayo Largo. Call in at Cayo del Rosario, Cayo Cantiles and Cayo Campos to explore coral seabeds teeming with tropical fish. Cayo Guano del Este is a deserted mile-long, mile-wide key that’s great to visit by tender.

Superyacht Charter Punta Francés

Punta Francés

Blue Cave

Depart early on your boat rental in Cuba for Isla de la Juventud, 80km off the coast in the heart of the vibrant Punta Frances Marine Park. This is one of the Caribbean’s best destinations for snorkelling and scuba diving, with 56 sites rich in colourful marine life, as snappers, barracudas, rays, reef sharks, turtles and more glide among gardens of sponges and Gorgonian corals. For serious divers, we will arrange a guided trip to the 40m deep Cueva Azul (Blue Cave), one of the best dives in the country. Visibility throughout is usually 30 metres or more!

Superyacht Charter Cienfuegos



Cruise back to Cienfuegos to discover more of this city’s Caribbean energy and French elegance. If you wish, take your superyacht charter in Cuba west to experience Havana's colourful culture, lively spirit and fascinating history.

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